5 Signs Your Brakes Are Going Bad

You rely on your automobile’s brakes every day without a second thought. You step on the brake pedal to slow down and stop a hundred times or more, and the action is so automatic that you don’t even remember doing it. Maintaining your vehicle’s brakes should not be something you fail to remember, however. Techway Automotive lists five signs that indicate you’re overdue for a brake service.

Burning Smell

The only time you should ever smell anything burning from your brakes is when you first get the brake pads replaced. In this case, you might smell burning rubber for a day or two. Other than that, burning smells, especially chemical ones, mean serious brake trouble that makes your car dangerous to drive.

Fluid Leak

You shouldn’t have a fluid leak, either. Brake fluid leaking onto your garage floor means you’ve got a hose or, worse, a master cylinder problem. Neither is good, as you can imagine, so if you see light brown or dark brown spots on your garage floor that are slick to the touch, this could be brake fluid.

Grinding Noises

If your brakes grind when you use them, your brake pads have worn down to their backing and must be replaced ASAP. If you hear squealing, that gets louder when you pick up speed but stops when you brake, your brake pads are wearing down to their backing and need to be replaced soon.

Pedal Feel

To be specific, if you drive a vehicle with power brakes, your brake pedal should stop about an inch to 1 1/2 inches from the floor. Manual brakes stop at about 2 1/2 inches from the floor. If your pedal sinks, feels soft and squishy or sinks before it catches again, you’ve got brake trouble.

Shaking Pedal

Your brake pedal should shake, either when you use it, nor should your steering wheel. If you feel a vibration in either of these automotive parts when you stop your vehicle, it’s time for a brake inspection. If your vehicle vibrates when you’re in motion, your wheels are probably out of balance.

Brake Service – Make an Appointment!

Please don’t take chances with your brake system. Anything strange should be investigated right away, so you don’t run the risk of total brake failure. Techway Automotive works on all brake system types, including ABS. We also have two brake service shops for your convenience. If you live in Dothan, AL, or Blakely, GA, contact us today!

Written by Developer Autoshop