Are My Fuel Injectors Clogged?

The fuel injectors are responsible for getting your vehicle’s fuel into the combustion chamber. They either spray the fuel into an intake manifold or, in the case of direct fuel injection, they spray the fuel directly into the cylinders. Eventually, carbon deposits and dirt and grime can clog your fuel injectors. Techway Automotive lists the signs of clogged fuel injectors below.

Misfiring Engine

Clogged fuel injectors restrict the amount of fuel that makes its way into the combustion chamber and this causes your engine to misfire. Misfiring generally feels as if the engine is sputtering and your car is vibrating. Your combustion chamber has too much air and not enough fuel in it, and this is why the engine is stuttering while you are driving.

Rough Idling

This will also make your idling rough. If the injectors are clogged severely, your vehicle may feel like a bucking bronco. Your idling should always be smooth. This is an indication that the combustion chamber has the right mixture of air and fuel in it. If your idling has become rough lately, your fuel injectors may be clogged, especially if you are also having the misfiring problems discussed above.

Poor Fuel Economy

Clogged fuel injectors can also affect your gas mileage. The reason why is that the engine has to work much harder when it doesn’t have enough fuel in it. It will burn through what little amounts of fuel it is getting from the fuel injectors, and you will find yourself having to fill your tank more often than normal. This can start off as a subtle sign that gets worse the more clogged the fuel injectors get.

Erratic RPM Needle

If the fuel injectors are sending gasoline into the combustion chamber in spurts. Your engine’s revolutions per minute will also go in spurts. As a result, you will see the RPM needle on your tachometer dancing around. As the RPMs rev higher, the needle will go higher. As they drop, the needle will drop. This is an indication your vehicle isn’t getting an even stream of fuel.

Dead Engine

Finally, if the fuel injectors are clogged completely, you will be unable to start your car, truck, utility vehicle, or van. This is because the fuel injectors are unable to spray any gasoline into the intake manifold or cylinders. The only thing in there is air, and the spark plugs cannot ignite air alone. They need fuel for ignition, as well.

Techway Automotive is located in Dothan, AL, and Blakely, GA, and we’d be happy to professionally clean your fuel injectors for you to unclog them.

Written by Developer Autoshop