Auto AC Repair

auto ac repair
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It gets hot in Dothan, especially during the Alabama summer months. If your vehicle’s air conditioning system isn’t working as well as it should. Techway Automotive provides the best auto AC repair Dothan has to offer. We have the newest technology including the AC Machine YF1234 that only dealers carry.

Auto AC Repair Dothan. AL

There is no more miserable experience than driving down the highway with no air conditioning on a summer day. Temperatures over one hundred degrees out side turns any car into an oven. People usually take their air conditioning for granted and do not realize how intricate a system they really are. This is why Techway Automotive is ready to take on any automotive AC repair in Dothan, AL.

Opening their doors five years ago by owner/operator Brian Ordway, they have taken great pride in all their auto services including attention to detail in auto AC repair. More modern vehicles have AC systems that are operated by a computer within the car which makes it even more of a challenge to repair or even sustain. This is why the twenty years experience of Brian Ordway and his team of certified, expert technicians is the perfect combination for any auto A/C repair in Dothan, AL.

Techway Automotive is biting at the bit to get your business and show you their high quality auto AC repair in Dothan, AL. This expertise is easily seen by the fact that Techway Automotive holding an ASE Blue Seal of Excellence Shop (Gold Logo). They are the only shop within a ninety mile radius to boast of this accomplishment. This means every single staff member is certified from every auto bay all the way up to the front desk. Auto AC repair in Dothan, AL does not get any better than at Techway Automotive.

Auto AC Repair Near Me

Air conditioning problems are too intricate and too complex to just let any shop work on them. Techway Automotive wants every vehicle on the road to not just be safe, but comfortable for every driver and passenger. Hot temperatures and humid seasons can ruin any trip if one’s air conditioning is not performing properly. Stay cool, stay comfortable and call Techway Automotive today for all your auto AC repair in Dothan, AL. Let Brian and his family of certified and expert technicians take care of the complex nature of modern day air conditioning systems.