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Signs You Might Need Auto AC Repair

The team at Techway Automotive in Blakely, GA knows how important your vehicle’s air conditioning is to you during the hot summer months. When your AC isn’t working right–or at all–your morning commute stops being quiet time to get your mind right for work and starts being a torturous drive in the heat and humidity of southwestern Georgia. Before your auto AC gives up completely, there are some signs you can watch for to alert you to problems with the AC system. You might hear loud, strange noises when you turn on the AC in your vehicle. A problem with the compressor may cause these noises. You might also notice fluid leaks, and while a small leak might not seem like a big problem, it can escalate and become a major problem requiring expensive and time-consuming repairs. If the drain plug in your auto AC system gets blocked, you might notice wet spots inside the vehicle, under the dashboard. This might not seem like a dire symptom. Still, that water leaking into the passenger compartment can cause bigger problems in the long run.