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Tire Repair in Blakely, Georgia

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To Repair or Replace, That’s The Question

Few things can ruin your day faster than walking out to your car and seeing it sitting on a flat tire. Not only is your day delayed, but you might need to spend money you hadn’t planned to spend to replace the tire. The team at Techway Automotive in Blakely, GA, is ready to help put your mind at ease and determine if you must replace the tire or if it is repairable. Our ASE-Certified technicians will remove the tire from the rim to inspect the damage and determine if it is repairable. For the most part, if the damage to the tire is in the center of the tread area and the puncture is less than ¼ inch in diameter, you can repair the tire rather than replace it. Still, it’s important that our technicians inspect the tire–inside and out–before making that determination.