Call the Closest Techway Automotive for a Spring Car AC Check

Spring is here and it’s time to get your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s air conditioner inspected. We can do that here at Techway Automotive. You just need to call the shop closest to you, whether you live in Alabama or Georgia. When you bring your vehicle to us, we will inspect the air conditioning system from top to bottom to make sure you will have cold and refreshing air all summer long. Let’s talk about some of the specific parts we will inspect and test.


The compressor works better when it is working all the time, which is why we will test it to make sure it isn’t malfunctioning because you haven’t been running your air conditioner throughout the winter. The compressor has two functions within the air conditioning system. The first one is to compress the refrigerant gas into a liquid. The second function is to circulate the liquid. We will make sure your compressor is working as it should be. If it isn’t, we will replace it.


The condenser needs to be inspected because it can get clogged by debris that makes its way through your vehicle’s grille. The condenser is found directly behind the grille because it needs to use the incoming air to cool off the hot refrigerant. The condenser also uses a fan for this job. More on this next. We will make sure the condenser is not clogged. We will also make sure that it has not been damaged by road debris. If there is damage to the condenser, we will replace it.

Condenser Fan

As we just mentioned, the condenser fan also cools off the hot refrigerant. This air conditioning system part is also susceptible to damage by road debris. We will test the condenser fan to make sure it turns on every time it needs to and also inspect it for damage.

Electrical System

It’s also important to inspect and test the electrical system to make sure nothing goes wrong when you need to use your air conditioner. For example, your air conditioner will not turn on if there is a blown fuse or the switch on the dashboard no longer works.


Finally, we will make sure that your vehicle’s air conditioning system has plenty of refrigerant to ensure you can enjoy the air conditioner throughout the hot and humid summer. If we need to, we will add refrigerant to the system.

Techway Automotive in Dothan or Opp, AL, or Blakely, GA, is here to help so call the shop that is closest to you today to schedule your spring AC check.

Written by Developer Autoshop