Does My Car Need Radiator Repair?

Driving your car without a properly functioning cooling system can be detrimental to the health of your vehicle. Your radiator is a part of the cooling system which prevents the motor from getting too hot. Overheating could cause your engine to seize up, requiring extensive repairs. So how do you know if your radiator needs to be repaired? If you notice any of the following issues, it may be a sign that your cooling system is comprised.

Rising Temperature Gauge

Your vehicle’s temperature gauge is located on the dashboard. During normal operation, the gauge will sit somewhere in the middle of the cold and hot symbols, usually depicted as a “C” and “H.” If you see that the gauge begins to creep upwards, indicating the heat is rising, this is a sure sign that something with the cooling system isn’t working properly. Get to a shop as soon as possible to avoid further issues caused by the rising temperature.

White Steam Coming from the Hood

You’ve likely seen the image before — a car on the side of the road, white steam pouring out of the hood. This is a clear indication that the car is overheating, and you should stop driving immediately. Driving with a hot engine can lead to major problems, so call a towing company to take your car to a nearby auto repair shop.

Low Coolant Levels

It’s a good idea to check your vehicle’s coolant levels from time to time. Always be sure that your engine is completely cool before checking the coolant level. If you find that the coolant level is low, it’s likely there is a leak to blame. Not sure if the leak is internal or external? The issues below can help you determine the source of the problem.

White Exhaust Smoke

White smoke coming out of your exhaust pipe is most often a sign of an internal coolant leak. In this instance, the fluid is being burnt up in the combustion chamber, and this can lead to further performance issues with your vehicle.

Green Fluid

Green fluid dripping from the front part of your vehicle likely indicates an external coolant leak. Your vehicle should never leak any kind of fluid, so always take your car to an auto repair shop if you notice fluid dripping from any area of your car.

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Written by Developer Autoshop