Drive a Diesel to Reap These Benefits

When we say we’re a full-service automotive shop, we mean it. Techway Automotive works on cars, trucks, SUVs, light-duty vehicles, gasoline engines, diesel engines, foreign or domestic. We have the skilled technicians for all of your automotive service needs, even if you manage a fleet of ambulances. Let’s talk about diesel engines in this blog post. Whether they are better than gasoline engines is a matter of personal taste, but they do offer their drivers several diesel benefits that we’d like to discuss below.

Superior Fuel Economy

One of the primary reasons why some people purchase diesel cars is to save money on fuel. Diesel engines get such good gas mileage, they can even compete with hybrid cars. You’ll save money even if diesel fuel is a little more expensive in your neighborhood because your vehicle will use less gas, although today’s diesel prices are right in line or even lower than gasoline. But that is only one fo the benefits of diesel.

Greater Energy Density

The reason why diesel engines get such great gas mileage is diesel fuel is more energy-dense. What this means is it takes less fuel to generate power. If you’re driving a gasoline-powered vehicle, you will burn more fuel to generate the same amount of energy that a diesel engine can generate. It’s simply more economical to drive a diesel vehicle because they have a higher energy density.

Zero Ignition Services

Diesel engines do not have spark plugs. You will never have to have a traditional tune-up with a diesel engine. They don’t have distributers, either, so you can cross that service off your vehicle maintenance checklist. Because these engines are so efficient, many drivers find their maintenance and repairs to be less expensive. They need preventative maintenance, but not ignition system tune-ups.

Longer Lifespan

In light of all the above, it’s pretty easy to imagine that a diesel engine can last a long time. It’s more efficient, generates more power easily, and doesn’t have spark plugs or distributors. On average, you’ll get more mileage out of a diesel vehicle than a gasoline one, with the mileage record tough to beat at 900,000 miles. They also have greater resale value because of their extended lifespan.

Higher Torque Production

Finally, diesel engines are designed to produce more torque. This torque powers the driveshaft. You will start and gain speed more quickly in a diesel vehicle than you will in a gasoline one. You can also tow heavier loads using a diesel truck because the torque helps with the vehicle’s power under stress. You shouldn’t overload the vehicle, but know that diesels have better towing capabilities.

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Written by Developer Autoshop