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Why Your Car Radiator Matters

Your vehicle’s radiator is its unsung hero. The engine burns fuel and creates energy, resulting in a large heat production every time your car runs. What prevents your engine from overheating? The radiator. This component is normally located right in front of the engine. When the thermostat under the hood detects excess heat from the engine, coolant and water are released from the radiator to be circulated throughout the engine. The liquid “picks up” the heat and brings it back to the radiator, cooling it down and releasing it to the air outside. The radiator comprises the core, pressure cap, inlet and outlet tanks, and radiator hose and is part of your vehicle’s larger cooling system. A radiator problem can affect your vehicle’s performance significantly, and it’s in your best interest to seek out professional auto radiator repair. At Techway Automotive in Enterprise, Alabama, we are trained and skilled in servicing radiators for all makes and models. We can perform inspections and repair problems with equal ease. Contact us today to learn more.