Brake Repair

Brake Repair in Enterprise, Alabama

Disc, Drum, and Anti-Lock Brake System Care

The Essentials of Brake Care

You don’t want to leave the reliability of your brakes up to chance. At Techway Automotive in Enterprise, Alabama, we pride ourselves on being experts in all facets of brake care. Many components comprise your vehicle’s brake system, underscoring the pertinence of routine brake service and timely repair. A basic service all drivers should be taking their cars in for our brake inspections. Routine brake checks allow us to ensure all components are in place and functioning properly. These include brake pads, shoes, rotors, calipers, and the master cylinder. We’ll also look for any signs of wear or damage. A brake fluid flush is recommended every couple of years, which involves our team flushing out the brake system and filling it with fresh brake fluid. We can replace brake pads once they wear to a specific point, resurface rotors as necessary, bleed the brake lines, and clean, adjust, and lubricate any other components. Our brake repair and maintenance technicians do it all at our auto shop!