Oil Change

Oil Change in Enterprise, Alabama

Keep Your Engine Running with Fresh Oil

Why Oil Changes Matter

Preventative maintenance is the main ingredient to a safe and enjoying vehicle ownership experience. Regular car care ensures your vehicle operates at its full potential, prevents problems from developing, and promotes a long and healthy lifespan. One of the most important aspects of maintenance is changing your oil. Motor oil constantly circulates throughout the engine, lubricating dozens of moving parts and keeping a moderate temperature by absorbing excess heat to prevent overheating. It also picks up dust, debris, and other particles and traps them in the oil filter to prevent damage and rust. Over time, your car’s engine oil can turn into a gel or solidify. Once oil changes form, it can block or hamper oil flow. This is why changing out the oil is essential. Here at Techway Automotive in Enterprise, Alabama, oil changes are second nature to us. We service all makes and models, including hybrids, diesel, fleets, and motor homes. Schedule your next oil change with us today!