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The Basics of Tire Care

If you are searching for reliable and efficient tire care in Enterprise, Alabama, there is only one name you should trust: Techway Automotive. Your tires are the main contact between you and the road, and ensuring all four are well maintained is incredibly important for your safety. We are skilled in doing exactly that. Tires require regular service to stay in mint condition. This includes tire rotations, which move your tires to a new position on your vehicle to distribute tire wear better, and tire balances that correct the imbalance of the tire and wheel assembly. Proper wheel alignment is also important to tires; if misalignment is present, your tires risk wearing out more quickly and incurring damage. Regular inspections should also help you stay aware of your tires’ condition. An inspection should include a visual assessment and air pressure check. We offer these services at our auto shop, along with tire repair and replacement. Reach out to us today to learn more.