Four Advantages to Driving Diesel Automobiles

Techway Automotive works on both gasoline and diesel engines because we are a full-service auto repair shop. Many of our customers drive diesels because they offer a unique set of advantages over gasoline-powered automobiles. Some of the benefits may surprise you, such as gas mileage that rivals hybrid vehicles. Let’s talk about diesel engines and some of the ways they are different from gasoline.

1. Competitive Gas Mileage

As we said above, diesel engines get gas mileage that, in newer models, can rival hybrid gas mileage. Diesel fuel is energy-dense, which means in basic terms that you get more miles out of a gallon of diesel fuel than you do out of a gallon of gasoline. This energy density allows diesel automobiles to produce more power using less fuel. When you couple that with the fact that diesel fuel is comparable or even less expensive than gasoline in most areas, you realize you’ll save money driving a diesel automobile.

2. Increased Power

This energy density does not affect a diesel engine’s ability to produce power, however. One of the reasons why big rigs have diesel engines is that these engines produce a much higher compression and heat ratio that gives them more torque than a gasoline engine. The engines produce more power and are easier to get going from a dead stop. They are designed to use diesel fuel efficiently yet still give you increased power over gasoline engines, even, in some cases, high-performance engines.

3. Longevity

This does not mean that these engines don’t last. In fact, one of the biggest advantages of driving a diesel automobile is that you will have it for years to come. These engines are built to withstand the high heat and compression they produce, which means you’ll get many more miles out of a diesel engine than you will a gasoline one. You can even shoot for the record, which is 900,000 miles, but we doubt you’ll reach it. Still, you can expect hundreds of thousands of miles out of a well-kept diesel engine.

4. Better Resell Value

This, naturally, translates into a better resell value. Part of what determines a used car’s value is how many miles the new owner can expect to get out of it. Because a diesel engine gives drivers longevity that does not compare to a gasoline engine, used diesel automobiles tend to sell for a higher price than other used cars. These automobiles are in high demand in the used car market.

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Written by Developer Autoshop