I Don’t Want to Get Rid of My Car! Can I Replace the Engine?

You can drop a new engine in your automobile if you don’t want to get rid of it. Many people hold onto their cars, trucks, or utility vehicles because they have a special meaning to them. Other people opt to replace the engine because their car is paid off and they don’t want to deal with car payments. Whatever your reason, Techway Automotive can help. We can inspect your engine thoroughly and advise whether it can be rebuilt or needs to be replaced. Here are common problems that require one or the other to fix the issue.

Knocks All the Time

Your engine shouldn’t knock at all. In fact, it has a sensor to alert the engine control module if it is beginning to knock. A knocking engine is a bad engine, and the problem usually lies in the cylinder block. Rods and rod bearings help the pistons move up and down inside the cylinders. If these parts have worn out, the knocking that you hear is the pistons knocking against the cylinder walls.

Overheats All the Time

A car, truck, or utility vehicle that overheats all the time is an indication that the engine needs to be replaced. In some cases, replacing the cooling system can solve the problem. This being said, if the overheating engine has gotten so hot that the engine block has cracked, you’ll need to replace the entire engine. You cannot repair a cracked engine block.

There Isn’t Any Power

An engine has reached the end of its life when it can no longer produce power. In this case, there isn’t a specific repair that we can do that will restore the engine’s power. Rather, as with all machinery, this particular engine doesn’t have any more life, and it must be replaced. This usually happens after you’ve put hundreds of thousands of miles on your vehicle’s engine.

There’s Metal in the Oil

Your engine will definitely need to be replaced if the motor oil has metal in it. The metal is a sign that the engine is disintegrating. You cannot repair a disintegrating engine. Rather, you must replace it, and, as an aside, the metal shavings will also cause further damage to the engine.

There’s Too Much Exhaust

Finally, too much exhaust smoke flowing out of the tailpipe is a sign that your engine needs serious repair. Engine coolant, fuel, and oil create white, black, and blue exhaust, respectively. The excess exhaust flow suggests that your engine is hemorrhaging one of these fluids.

Techway Automotive in Opp or Dothan, AL, or Blakely, GA, would be happy to inspect your engine and give you an estimate of what it will take to repair or replace it. Call the shop closest to you today to set up an appointment.

Written by Developer Autoshop