Is Synthetic the Most Popular Type of Motor Oil?

No, synthetic motor oil is not the most popular motor oil; more cars use conventional motor oil than synthetic. Techway Automotive explains that conventional remains a favorite for vehicles equipped with standard engines because of its reliability and affordability. You will pay more for synthetic oil. In some cases, this extra cost is worth it, and we will talk about those instances below. In fact, let’s talk about all of the motor oil types available on the market today.


As we mentioned above, the number one oil type is conventional oil. This oil has a history of protecting engines for over 100 years. You can’t beat that. As we also mentioned above, conventional motor oil is the most affordable oil on our list, so it works well for those on a tight budget whose automobiles can accept conventional oil in the engine. This oil is changed every 3,000 miles to make sure it does not lose its viscosity. Motor oil that has lost its viscosity can no longer protect the engine.


There will come a point when you will want to change from conventional oil to high-mileage motor oil. This point is 75,000 miles. This motor oil is specifically designed for engines that have over 75,000 miles on them because they are more susceptible to getting oil leaks. As such, the high-mileage oil contains additives to prevent this from happening. The high-mileage oil also protects your engine better when it gets older. This motor oil type is also changed every 3,000 miles.


Synthetic motor oil is the newbie on the market and it comes with a ton of benefits. As such, it shouldn’t feel bad about losing the popularity contest. Synthetic oil is manufactured by hand rather than extracted from the ground. It contains additives that help it stand up to extreme interior and exterior temperatures better, so living in an extreme climate is one reason to switch to synthetic. Engines that are high-performance also use synthetic motor oil for better protection.

Synthetic Blend

What if you don’t drive a high-performance vehicle but want some of the benefits of synthetic motor oil without the cost? You can choose a synthetic blend motor oil that is a combination of synthetic and conventional oils. This works well for any automobile that isn’t required to use synthetic.

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