It’s Not Too Late for Fall Preventative Maintenance

Winter weather in Dothan, AL, or Blakely, GA does not include the blizzards seen in the northern part of the United States, thankfully. Both cities still get plenty of rain, however. Techway Automotive has auto service shops in both cities, and our skilled and certified technicians are ready to get your vehicle ready for winter now. Preventative maintenance keeps your automobile running through the holidays, which are right around the corner.

You Don’t Need Added Stress

October is the start of the holiday season. Your kids cannot wait for Halloween and the minute it’s over, you have to start planning for Thanksgiving. Once the dishes are cleaned up after Thanksgiving dinner, you’re into December shopping, parties, and more family get-togethers. Can you afford to have your car, truck, or utility vehicle break down at any point during this time? Can you imagine how much car trouble will add to your stress during this time? From now until January 2nd, you need your car more than ever.

Preventative Maintenance Helps

Fall is a good time to schedule a vehicle inspection to make sure everything is safe and reliable. Having preventative maintenance done now means you won’t have to worry about it in the midst of the holiday season unless you put a ton of miles on your automobile each month. For example, a fall maintenance check should include:

  • Battery testing
  • Belt inspections
  • Brake checks
  • Cooling system tests
  • Diagnostic checks
  • Filter replacements
  • Fluid flushes and refills
  • Heater testing
  • Hose inspections
  • System checks
  • Tire/wheel inspections
  • Transmission checks

It could be that you won’t need anything done to your automobile, especially if you maintain it per your manufacturer’s listed factory-scheduled maintenance. Things that do need to be addressed, such as brake pad replacements, oil changes, or even a new of tires can be done now, however, so you aren’t adding a car service appointment to your already busy holiday schedule.

Family Time

The holidays are a time for family, friends, and celebration. You should be with your loved ones rather than sitting in an auto service shop or stranded on the side of the road. Take care of all vehicle concerns now so you have no disruptions in your holiday plans. Bring your automobile into Techway Automotive for a thorough once-over and preventative maintenance. Depending on which shop is closer to you, call to schedule an appointment at our Dothan, AL, auto service shop, or ring up our Blakely, GA, auto shop.

Written by Developer Autoshop