Keep the Peace on Your Family’s Next Summer RV Trip

You should be looking forward to your family’s summer vacation, not dreading it. Techway Automotive understands how hard it can be to keep the peace when the kids are trapped in the RV all day long while you are on your way to the campgrounds. There are ways you can make every aspect of the trip enjoyable, not just the campground part. Let’s talk about how you can keep the peace on your family’s RV trip this summer. Here are some tips below.

Make Plans

When we say make plans, we don’t just mean plan your route. It is important to plan your route and an alternate route just in case something goes wrong with your primary route, but it is also important to plan fun things to do along the way. We’ll talk more about that below. In the meantime, make sure to check the road conditions for your primary and secondary routes, and also make sure to check the weather forecasts along the way.

Drink Water

It’s important that everybody drink plenty of water while you are in the RV on the road. If you drink plenty of water, you will find that you are much more alert behind the wheel. Dehydration causes confusion, sluggishness, and anger. Make sure that everyone in the family stays adequately hydrated to avoid arguments, fussiness, and, in the driver’s case, slower reactions.

Stop Frequently

As we said above if you plan fun stops along the way, this gives everyone a chance to get out of the RV, stretch their legs, move around, and get their blood circulating. You’d be surprised at how much this keeps everybody’s spirits up, even if you are driving all day long. It also gives everyone a chance to use the restroom so there’s no excuse to avoid staying hydrated. Make sure to plan fun things to do at the stops, such as visiting silly roadside attractions.

Avoid Fat/Sugar

Fatty foods and sugary snacks will make you feel good initially but cause sluggishness and crankiness in the end. Rather than load up on fatty and sugary snacks, make sure to eat three square meals every day, even when you’re on the road, and eat high-protein snacks that are low in fat in between the meals. This will keep your sugar levels elevated yet stable and everyone in a good mood.

Maintain Your RV

Finally, it’s crucial that you maintain your RV before you take it out on the road. Nothing will spoil your trip more than the RV breaking down or you getting into an accident. The RV should be inspected thoroughly to make sure everything is okay with the body of the RV, the engine, the air systems, and the tires. Better safe than sorry.

Techway Automotive in Dothan, AL, or Blakely, GA, works on RVs and travel trailers. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment and will make sure that your RV is ready for your summer vacation.

Written by Developer Autoshop