Keep Your Ambulances Safe With These Six Auto Services

You cannot afford to have an incident in one of your ambulances, whether your emergency medical professionals are transporting a critical patient to the ER or taking an elderly patient to a care facility. Techway Automotive services all types of automobiles, but we are proud to maintain and repair ambulances most of all because we understand how important these vehicles are. Here are six services that will keep your ambulances safe and reliable during any type of patient transport.

1. Brake Service

If you’ve ever driven an ambulance you know how much people do not pay attention to the lights and sirens. You need your brakes. Period. We’ll inspect the brakes and maintain them so you can count on them to work when you need the most.

2. Cooling System

You won’t be able to explain to a patient’s family that the ambulance overheated on the way to the ER. This won’t fly under any circumstances. Make sure the cooling system in each ambulance is always functioning as it should be with regular maintenance and repair.

3. Oil Changes

Part of keeping the ambulances cool and ensuring they won’t breakdown is oil changes. Every 3,000 miles for these rigs because they handle a lot of stress. Ambulance engines take a beating with each call. Quick jaunts on a cold engine that never heats up completely.

4. Tires

Remember how we said the family won’t understand the ambulance overheating above? Well, they won’t understand a flat, either. Tire inspections weekly, air pressure checks, and 5,000-mile tire rotations are crucial to ensure you never end up with tire problems while on a call.

5. Transmission Checks

Ambulance engines do a lot of gear shift changing. The drivers step on the gas when they can speed up to get to a call but also brake to slow down for intersections. The transmissions must be able to handle the frequent automatic gear shifts and transmission services help.

6. Wheel Services

Imagine being a patient in pain on a gurney and the ambulance is bouncing up and down and vibrating. Imagine how much more uncomfortable that would make you feel. Make sure the rides are as smooth as possible with wheel balancing and alignment.

Techway Automotive in Dothan, AL, can take care of your ambulance fleet. We also have an auto service shop Blakely, GA, that has experienced technicians ready to service and repair your ambulances. We appreciate what you do for our communities, so bring your rigs to us for service today.

Written by Developer Autoshop