Let Techway Automotive Replace the Head Gasket When It Cracks

Techway Automotive isn’t afraid of the tough stuff. One tough repair is replacing the head gasket when it cracks. Hopefully, you will never face this problem. If you do, however, you can count on us to make the repair as easy as possible. The head gasket can crack if the engine operates at a higher temperature than normal. This is one reason why you should never drive your vehicle when it is overheating. The following signs are indications that you have a cracked head gasket above the cylinder block.

Loss of Engine Coolant

Once the head gasket cracks, the coolant and motor oil leak into the cylinder block where they are burned away. This creates problems with the engine’s combustion and also reduces the level of coolant circulating throughout the engine. Unfortunately, the coolant will continue to leak into the cylinder block until you have the head gasket replaced.

An Overheating Engine

With the coolant leaking into the cylinder block rather than circulating through the engine, you don’t need us to tell you that the engine is going to overheat every time you drive your automobile. In fact, the engine can get so hot that the radiator cap will explode. This causes a dangerous situation of scalding coolant spraying all over the engine.

Coolant That Boils

When we say scalding, we mean it. The engine can also get so hot that the coolant will start to boil in the radiator. This is much hotter than your engine should ever get. If you hear the coolant boiling in the engine, pull over right away and turn the engine off. Allow the engine to cool before you pop the hood. Do not pop the hood with the coolant boiling.

White Exhaust Smoke

You may also see white exhaust smoke coming out of the tailpipe if the head gasket is cracked. The reason why is that engine coolant creates white smoke when it is burned. As we mentioned above, the coolant leaks through the head gasket’s crack into the cylinder block where it is burned away.

Diluted/Milky Motor Oil

All of the above are a good reason not to drive your automobile, but one final reason is that the motor oil will damage the engine. A blown head gasket allows the oil and coolant to mix. Consequently, you are left with a milky mixture circulating through the engine and damaging it.

Techway Automotive in Blakely, GA, or Dothan or Opp, AL, would be happy to help, so call us today for a head gasket inspection.

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