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Is Your Check Engine Light Flashing or Static?

A flashing versus static check engine light makes a difference in the need for immediate inspection and check engine light diagnostic testing. If the light is static–not flashing–you have a little more time before you need to bring the vehicle to the Techway Automotive team in Opp, AL. A steadily illuminated check engine light means there’s a fault code being read by the onboard computer, but it’s not a dire situation yet. You can bring the vehicle to our shop on your schedule, though you shouldn’t delay too long or risk more damage and more expensive repairs to fix the damage. If your check engine light is flashing–or showing up as orange or red instead of yellow, your engine is going through something more drastic that can lead to catastrophic engine failure. When you have a flashing check engine light, you should bring your vehicle to the ASE-Certified technicians at Techway Automotive as soon as possible to avoid bigger problems than your engine already has.