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Tire Repair in Opp, Alabama

The Right Kind of Tire Repairs

Repair or Replace Your Tires at Techway Automotive

One of the front-line safety devices on your vehicle is your tires. When your tires are damaged, that damage can cause other problems, including the inability to control the vehicle or stop safely when the sudden need arises. It’s important for you to keep your tires in top shape and the team at Techway Automotive is here to help with that. As part of a maintenance schedule for your vehicle, you should inspect your tires regularly. You’re looking for tread wear, foreign objects that penetrate the tire, rubs, and scuffs on the sidewalls, which can compromise the strength of the belts in the tires, and the tire pressure. Driving on underinflated tires can cause sidewall damage, compromising the tire’s integrity. The ASE-Certified technicians at Techway Automotive can repair some tire damage. Other damage will require replacement of the tire. Either way, the team at Techway Automotive has you covered. Our customer service advisors will help you understand what damage is repairable, what damage requires tire replacement, and what tires will best suit your vehicle and driving habits. Stop by our Opp, AL, location today to speak with an advisor about your tire needs.