Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment in Opp, Alabama

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What is a Wheel Alignment?

You may have heard of a wheel or tire alignment and wondered what it meant to have one done on your vehicle. Or maybe you’ve wondered why you need to keep your wheels aligned. The team at Techway Automotive in Opp, AL, is here to help. When you get a wheel alignment, the ASE Certified technicians at Techway Automotive will adjust your vehicle’s suspension, not the actual wheels or tires. A good wheel alignment will adjust the angles of the tires, which will affect how your tires make contact with the road. The Techway Automotive technicians will inspect your suspension system, including your shocks and struts, and look at how your wheels align with the vehicle frame. They’ll check whether your tires lean toward the body, outward toward the road, or line up straight with the vehicle’s center. They’ll check to see when the steering wheel is straight and if the tires point toward each other, the road, or are aligned with your vehicle’s body.