RV Summer Road Trip Survival Tips

Planning your annual summer vacation? Dusting off the RV to take it? Ready for the “Are we there yet?” chorus? What starts off as a family adventure usually turns into a family argument at about mile 100, but there are ways you can turn the annual RV summer trip into a vacation everyone will love and remember. Techway Automotive has some survival tips that help keep everyone happy.

Stock Up

People get cranky when they are dehydrated and/or hungry, so stock up on water and snacks to keep everyone happy, including you. Make sure to drink water rather than caffeinated or sugary beverages, as these do not hydrate sufficiently. Keep the snacks as healthy as possible to avoid sugar and fat crashes and the moodiness that accompanies them. High-protein, low-fat snacks are the best.

Make Plenty of Stops

Water will require plenty of restroom stops but stopping frequently is important anyway. The longer you drive ahead the more tired you and your family get. Tiredness minimizes your driving safety and increases bickering. Plan for frequent stops throughout the day to allow everyone out of the RV. This gives you all a chance to stretch and relieve aches and pains associated with sitting too long.

Choose Activities Together

Don’t just stop and use the restrooms. Stop and do something fun. Sit down before your RV trip and plan roadside activities together. Let everyone in the family have their say. Scour your planned route for roadside attractions, national parks, unique shops, and other fun things to do. Then, as mentioned above, stop several times during the day for some fun alongside bathroom breaks.

Get the RV Maintained

Finally, make sure your RV is road-ready before you head off into the summer vacation sunset. A full inspection and necessary maintenance will make certain the only stops you make are the planned ones. Don’t risk breaking down. This will anger your spouse and frustrate the kids. Not to mention, leave you with a repair bill that you didn’t add to your vacation budget. A safe and reliable RV on the road is the most important survival tips of all.

Whether you live in Dothan, AL, or Blakely, GA, Techway Automotive can make sure your RV is ready for the family’s summer vacation. Call us to set up an appointment prior to your trip. We’ll send you off on your trip with less to worry about!

Written by Developer Autoshop