Signs My Car Has an Exhaust System Leak

Both diesel and gasoline engines work by producing combustion. Combustion creates exhaust. The exhaust must be removed from the combustion chamber in order to keep the air and fuel in the chamber fired up. Your vehicle relies on its exhaust system to do this. Over time, your exhaust system may start to leak. The leak can happen in the muffler or the exhaust pipe among other places. You can also end up with a leaking exhaust manifold, which can overheat your engine. Techway Automotive advises that you look for the following signs if you suspect your car is leaking exhaust.

Acceleration/Power Loss

Aside from your engine overheating in some cases, you may also experience acceleration lag and engine power loss. This is because the leaking exhaust is reducing your vehicle’s ability to produce combustion efficiently. An exhaust leak can create an imbalance between the air and fuel that is ignited in the combustion chamber. Consequently, this imbalance affects how well your engine performs.

Excess Engine Noise

If your muffler is leaking, your engine will be much louder than it normally is. You will also hear rumbling sounds that get louder when you accelerate. An exhaust leak can also make loud hissing noises or loud popping noises while your engine is running. Unfortunately, you will hear these noises until such time as you turn off your engine when you are done driving your automobile.

Gas/Diesel Fuel Odors

One dangerous sign of an exhaust system leak is smelling your car’s gasoline or diesel fuel inside the passenger cabin. The reason why this is dangerous is that there is carbon monoxide in fuel fumes. You do not want to be inhaling carbon monoxide, so if you smell gas or diesel fuel, bring your automobile to the Techway Automotive shop that is closest to you right away.

Reduced Fuel Economy

Finally, because the exhaust leak has reduced your engine’s efficiency, it will also reduce your vehicle’s fuel economy. Any time an engine isn’t running efficiently is a time that it will burn more fuel. As a consequence, you will find that you need to fill your tank more often than you usually do in this can hit your wallet hard.

Techway Automotive has three locations to keep your car in tiptop shape, including the exhaust system. Georgia residents can stop by our Blakely shop. Those living in Alabama can swing by our Opp or Dothan locations, whichever one is closer. Stop by any one of our shops today if you suspect your vehicle has an exhaust system leak.

Written by Developer Autoshop