Testing Your Tire Tread Only Costs a Penny

Did you know that you can test the tread on your vehicle’s tires for only a penny? And, you get the penny back! Checking your tire tread is as easy as grabbing a penny from your pocket or purse and taking about 15 minutes out of your day to make sure you aren’t driving on bald tires. We here at Techway Automotive cannot stress enough how important it is that you never drive on bald tires. Let’s talk about tires, how to test your tread, and why it’s dangerous to drive on bald tires.

Dangers First

We don’t mean to get all danger-and-doom on you, but we are serious when we say it’s unsafe to drive on bald tires. If you take a good look at a new tire, you’ll see tread rows with gullies between them. This is what keeps your tires’ grips on the road. For example, when you drive in the rain, the water is pushed through the gullies, so your tires stay on the road rather than hydroplane. Tire tread and little slits called “sipes” also help your tires cut through icy roads. Tire tread also withstands hot asphalt in the summer better. Bald tires hydroplane on wet or icy roads and blow out on hot roads.

Quick and Easy Tread Test

If you have your tires rotated every 6,000 miles, the automotive technician will tell you when the tread life is near its end. You can also check your tire tread depth yourself with a penny and plenty of light. Take the penny and insert it into the gullies between the tread rows with Abraham Lincoln facing you. Make sure to do this in a well-lit garage or the sunlight. Hold the penny, so the top of Lincoln’s head is inserted in between the tread rows. If you can see all of the president’s head, your tires are bald. If the tire tread covers up some of the head, you still have tire tread on your tires.

Don’t stop there, even if your tires passed the penny tread test. Check the tread depth of each tire in multiple locations to ensure you don’t have any bald patches. Inspect the tire tread visually, too, so you can see whether you have uneven tire wear on the tires’ inner or outer shoulders or patches of uneven wear in the middle of the tires. Look for bubbles and cracks, as well.

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Written by Developer Autoshop