Things That Can Cause a Broken Axle

You don’t want a broken axle. The chances of this happening are rare, but you still don’t want a broken axle. Unless your vehicle is very old or you get into a serious automobile accident, you probably won’t face this mechanical nightmare. This being said, there are things that can break axles on any automobile, and Techway Automotive lists those things below, as well as the signs of a broken axle.

Causes of Broken Axles

Before we get into what can break a vehicle axle, let’s talk about what the axle does. Your vehicle cannot operate without an axle, which is why a break is devastating. Generally, a car has two axles and larger vehicles have four. The axles connect to the wheels; they are central shafts that turn the wheels. Without the axles generating power, your vehicle’s wheels won’t turn. Things that break an axle include

  • Automobile accidents severe enough to cause wheel and/or undercarriage damage
  • Metal fatigue caused by rust and brittleness in older, high-mileage automobiles
  • Overloading vehicles with too much cargo or passengers well beyond its capacity
  • Road conditions that stress the axles such as large bumps and potholes

If you drive carefully on rough roads and never overload your automobile beyond its maximum weight capacity, you likely won’t break an axle. If you think it’s a blast to fly over bumps, potholes, and speed bumps at high speeds, you stress your vehicle suspension beyond its capacity and could break an axle. You can also damage the wheels and suspension in other ways if you don’t slow down for road hazards.

Signs You’ve Broken An Axle

You know how you can break an axle so let’s talk now about signs you’ve actually broken one. Again, keep in mind that broken axles are usually a problem in older cars; most people do not hang on to their automobiles long enough to crack or break an axle. This being said, you might have a broken axle if you notice sudden clunking sounds, unusual vehicle vibrations, and loss of power to the wheels.

In the case of an automobile accident or other sudden stress to the undercarriage, you might end up stranded on the road with a visible break to the axle underneath your car, truck, or utility vehicle. Whether this happens or the signs are more subtle, don’t panic. Techway Automotive has a shop in Dothan, AL, and one in Blakely, GA, that can repair or replace your automobile’s axle(s).

Written by Developer Autoshop