Warning Signs That Your Fuel Pump Is Going Out

You should get 100,000 miles or a little bit more out of your factory fuel pump. Once your vehicle reaches 100,000 miles, however, auto parts will need to be replaced including the fuel pump. Techway Automotive is going to list the warning signs that your fuel pump is going out below.

High-Speed Engine Sputtering

Generally, if your engine starts to sputter when you are driving at higher speeds, this is an indication that the fuel pump is not supplying the correct amount of fuel to the combustion chamber. Your engine needs more fuel to go faster, and if the pump is failing, it might not have that extra fuel. This will affect your engine’s performance at high speeds and cause it to sputter and hiccup.

Constantly Overheating Engine

Another sign that your fuel pump is going bad is if your engine overheats constantly. Provided there isn’t anything wrong with the cooling system and you have fresh motor oil in the engine, the engine could be overheating because the fuel pump motor is overheating. When the fuel pump motor gets too hot, the heat spreads throughout the engine and causes it to overheat, as well.

Reduction in Fuel Pressure

There will also be a noticeable reduction in your vehicle’s fuel pressure if the fuel pump is malfunctioning. You can test the fuel pressure using a specialized gauge that you can purchase at the auto parts store. We can also test your fuel pressure for you.

Reduction in Fuel Economy

Another sign that your fuel pump isn’t working as it should be is a reduction in your fuel economy. This is because the fuel pump is not supplying the engine with the correct amount of gasoline or diesel fuel. This causes your engine to run inefficiently and directly affects your gas mileage.

Power Loss When Stressed

Another time when your vehicle will lose power due to a faulty fuel pump is when the engine is under stress. For example, if your car, truck, or utility vehicle slows down significantly when you try to drive up hills, the fuel pump is not providing enough fuel to the engine.

Hard Starts/No Starts

Eventually, the fuel pump will die completely. Before this happens, you may have difficulty starting your automobile. Once the fuel pump is inoperable, you won’t be able to start your automobile at all.

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Written by Developer Autoshop