What Are the Common Problems Diesel Engines Face?

Techway Automotive is your full-service auto shop. We maintain and repair both diesel and gasoline engines. You can rely on us for all of your automotive service needs. In fact, if you drive a diesel automobile, there are a handful of problems that we repair frequently. Let’s talk about what these problems are below.

Difficulty Starting the Vehicle

Sure, diesel engines crank a little bit more than gasoline engines do before they start, but you should not have to listen to the engine crank incessantly. If your diesel engine is very slow to start, you may have some preventative maintenance services that are overdue.

Diesel Engine Power Loss

Generally, if your diesel engine is struggling to produce power, you may have a fuel problem. It could be that the fuel injectors or fuel filter is clogged. Sometimes, power loss can also be caused by a loose throttle linkage or excessive engine lubrication.

Contaminated Diesel Fuel

When it comes to thickness, diesel fuel beats gasoline, but this can actually pose a problem. Its thickness makes diesel fuel more prone to contamination. This fuel contamination can damage your diesel engine. We can find out why your fuel is contaminated.

Excessive Black Exhaust

Even if you drive a diesel truck, you shouldn’t see a ton of black exhaust. If you do, you’ve got burning diesel fuel in the engine. The fuel mixture may be fuel-heavy because of a clogged air filter, broken EGR valve, faulty turbocharger, or broken fuel injector pump.

Oxidized Engine Oil

If your diesel vehicle, whether small or large, hasn’t been driven in a few months, don’t crank it up and hit the road. It’s possible that the engine oil has oxidized and driving your vehicle will damage the engine. Change the oil before you fire everything up.

A Very Loud Engine

It’s true that diesel automobiles are louder than gasoline automobiles, but this doesn’t mean people should hear coming from miles away. If your engine is too loud, you may have a fuel injector problem or an issue with the exhaust system.

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