When Can a Tire Be Repaired Instead of Replaced?

You ran over a nail and have a slow leak. You don’t want to replace your tire right now because finances are tight. Can the nail be pulled and the tire plugged? It can in some cases but not all, which is why Techway Automotive can repair or replace your tire once we’ve had a good look at it. Safety should be the primary concern, so even though replacing the tire is more expensive, it may be necessary to avoid putting you and your vehicle into a dangerous situation.

Times When the Tire Can Be Repaired

The first thing to consider is your tire’s age. If the tire is old and needs to be replaced anyway, there’s no point in repairing it. The repair of the old tire will not be as effective, especially if there is little to no tire tread. Tread depth is part of what makes a tire repair possible, so repairing an old and bald tire won’t solve the problem. Generally, a tire can only be repaired when:

  • The puncture is in the tire’s tread area only
  • The puncture does not have a diameter greater than 1/4-of-an-inch
  • Any previous repair(s) is 16 inches from the new repair

If the repair area does not meet any of these criteria, the tire cannot be repaired. The tire must also be replaced instead of repaired if the tire was damaged in an automobile accident, has a big cut or gash, has blown out, or is leaking due to tread separation. Basically, a tire can be repaired if the tread is punctured by a small nail or other tiny object.

Things That Don’t Actually Repair a Tire

There are all kinds of products in your local auto parts store that boast they can fix your tire for good. The problem is, these items are temporary fixes not actually designed to permanently repair your tire. It’s tempting to run to the auto parts store for a can of flat fixer, but this is a bandage solution for a gaping wound that needs stitches. Canned fixers and tire patches are only meant to be used short-term, so don’t consider these products as long-term tire repair. You’ll end up with a flat tire or blowout.

Stop by one of Techway Automotive’s shops and we’ll repair or replace your tire. We’ve got an auto service shop in Dothan, AL, and another auto service shop in Blakely, GA.

Written by Developer Autoshop