Why Is My Engine Making Grinding Noises?

Techway Automotive advises that if your engine is grinding, there could be something seriously wrong. The engine parts will grind against each other when there isn’t any motor oil circulating through the engine. A clogged oil filter can prevent the oil from circulating. In addition to this problem, your engine may also grind if you have a faulty alternator or water pump. Grinding is just one noise that your engine shouldn’t make. Here are other noises that you shouldn’t hear from the engine.


Your engine may hiss if you have a fluid leak. Sometimes, when fluid leaks out of seals or gaskets, it drips onto hot engine parts. Once the fluid makes contact with the heat, it will hiss. This sound may also sound like sizzling. Your engine can also hiss if it has a vacuum leak.


Knocking sounds coming from the engine can be an indication that the fuel is not detonating properly in the cylinder block. This can be caused by worn spark plugs, a lean fuel mixture, or low-octane fuel. Knocking can also be a sign that the pistons are crashing inside the cylinders.


The exhaust system is known to make a popping sound when it is leaking. Specifically, the muffler or exhaust manifold may pop if they have holes or cracks in them. Another exhaust system part can also pop, but it pops because it is clogged. This is the catalytic converter.


The engine will also rumble loudly if the catalytic converter has been stolen. Unfortunately, people do steal catalytic converters because one of the metals out of which they are made is platinum. You may also hear your engine rumbling, especially when you accelerate, if the muffler needs to be replaced. It’s important to address the loud rumbling right away to avoid receiving a moving violation.


Finally, the last sound your engine should not make is squealing noises. These noises usually point to a need to tighten or replace the accessory belt. If the belt is fine, it may be time to install a new tensioner or pulley. The power steering pump may also squeal if it is going bad.

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Written by Developer Autoshop