You Can Camp and Have Your Thanksgiving Meal

This year has been a stressful one for all of us. Maybe you’d like to get away for Thanksgiving – really get away; a camping trip to the middle of nowhere in the RV. Your spouse wants a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Here’s the good news: You both can have your way. Techway Automotive explains how below.

Shop Wisely

Plan a Thanksgiving feast only for those in the RV. Rather than go crazy and prepare a huge meal, buy a small turkey and only enough ingredients for smaller side dishes. Unless you have a huge refrigerator in your RV, you won’t be able to stuff it before or after will supplies and leftovers, so shop small.

Cook in Advance

Cook the meal before you leave for the camping trip, so all you have to do is heat it on Thanksgiving Day, or, at a minimum, cook the side dishes and pie before you leave, so all you have to cook on Thanksgiving is the turkey. Don’t stuff the turkey in advance, however. This grows bacteria.

Cooking the Turkey While Camping

If you’re a purist who insists on cooking the turkey on Thanksgiving day, there are ways you can do so even if you’re in the RV parked at your favorite camping spot. The suggestions above – buying a small turkey and cooking the sides in advance – leave the RV’s oven available for the turkey until it’s done. You can also get a little creative and cook your turkey:

  • In a Dutch oven on an open campfire
  • In an outdoor fryer if that’s not against campground rules
  • On the grill, cut up into pieces and marinated

Cooking the turkey this way allows you to keep the RV’s oven and microwave available to heat up your side dishes. There is another way you can enjoy Thanksgiving dinner while camping, as well, but you’ll have to let go of your traditional dishes. Why not purchase a prepared meal and take it with you? This gives the chefs in the family a relaxing holiday, too.

Before you leave, call Techway Automotive in Dothan, AL, or Techway Automotive in Blakely, GA, to schedule an appointment for fall RV maintenance. Now is the time to have the RV inspected, especially since cooking the Thanksgiving Day feast will place added stress on the electrical system. We’ll make sure your RV can handle the road trip and the food prep. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!

Written by Developer Autoshop